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ASCAP Writer/Publisher


Welcome!!  Thanks for stopping by to browse my website! My music is one of the most important aspects of my life and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you. 

I have some incredibly great news to tell yout!  I'm working on my next project.  And, I've been fortunate enough to get some heavy hitters to work with me. Fred Sawyers, a prolific songwriter and vocalist (isaac Hayes, Will Downing, etc.) is writing lyrics and doing vocal arrangements. And Chris "Big Dog" Davis is writing music and producing (Maysa, Phil Perry, Gerald Albright, Will Downing, Pieces of a Dream, etc.). Speaking of Pieces of a Dream, James Lloyd, the band's co-founder and keyboardist, produced one of my songs.  So, while I thought this summer would be really busy gig-wise, it's actually turning out to be busier with studio work.  So far I've traveled to Ohio, Atlanta and Connecticut to work on this project. The Atlanta and Connecticut trips will be on-going for a minute until we wrap up everything. So far, these songs are crazy. And, on one there's a very 'special' vocalist (other than me…lol). I can't wait for you to hear.  

women in jazz s. florida

Meantime, I started a Go Fund Me campaign to support production of the project.  So far it's going well, though, not quite as well as I'd hoped.  It started out really strong, but has been tapering off.  Hopefully it'll pick up again. So, if you can spare a few dollars, click on the Go Fund Me widget above and help me make this happen.

I was invited to submit a song for the Women In Jazz South Florida (WIJSF) Music Collection Volume V.  So, I submitted the title cut from my cd "The Way You Make Me Feel."  It features so many fabulous female artists, such as Joan Cartwright, Ragan Whiteside, Gail Jhonson, Carolyn Wilkins and several others. It's a beautiful project with many different styles of jazz.  If you get a chance to check it out, you'll really enjoy it. I also hope you'll check out the Women In Jazz South Florida website.  

Some exciting things have happened lately, including the acceptance of my application to be a voting member of Washington, DC chapter of The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards).  It was a bit of a stringent process, but I did it. I'm extremely proud of that achievement. And check it out; I've been invited to the Grammy Awards Ceremony in February.  

SunRaeThis just in: I've started yet another venture.  It's called SunRae Jazz Band. It's me, along with a group of extremely talented and versatile musicians.  We're still in our infancy right now, but we've already had our first few gigs. The first, up near D.C. was for about 300 people. Then we were booked for an event attended by about 3000 people.  Currently we're in the middle of a nine gig series throughout Virginia and DC for San Diego-based Interactions Marketing. I'm really excited about this and we have several more dates on our calendar.  Check us out at SunRae Jazz Band.  Of course, I'll still be doing gigs as Sharon Rae North, with other musicians, too, but these are the guys who will be with me when I'm just in the mood for nothin' but jazz and standards. 

Ever the journalist, I'm also doing some freelance writing for the Jazz in M.E.E. Magazine. So far I've done pieces on Grammy Award winning vocalist Dianne Reeves, Maysa, Bob Baldwin,Paris Escovedo, Marqueal Jordan, Jay Gore, Terry Wollman and Rob Tardik. 

This thumbnail is the cover for my "Gee Baby" cd.  It contains some of the most beautiful songs and standards ever written.  Click on 'merchandise' at the top of the page to order yours today.  It's also available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, etc.  Check out some of the reviews it's been getting that are posted on my site. 

So, I have a lot going on that's keeping me busy and challenging me vocally; all of which helps me grow as a musician and as an entertainer. Please know that I really appreciate the support I get from you.  It's always nice to know that my work is enjoyed and appreciated by others.  

Now, go on and take a look around and please make sure you click on the titles at the top of each page to maneuver around the site. Make sure you check out "Catch Me Here" to check out my calendar and find out where I'll be. Hopefully, you'll be there, too.

After your visit, please make sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think of the site...and the music!!  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!